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Ciai Cobar


Ciai Chee-Foo



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Ciai Caleb



 Fifth Element for Ciai called Lolek



"Fifth Element For Ciai" called Lolek, from the chow-chow Breeding "CIAI", at his first International Dog Show of October 17, 2010 in Bastia Umbra, at the age of only 24 months and led by Miryam Ciai, received a C.A.C.I.B (Certificate of Aptitude for International Champion of Beauty).

Our breeding began with the purchase of a subject in England "Deeabluh's Taras Bulba ", which immediately presented to an exhibition in Naples won the C.A.C.I.B (Certificate of Aptitude for International Championship of Beauty). The exposures afterwards didn't continue because we've never believed in a show career. After 37 years we wanted to revitalize with a new beautiful and powerful stallion "Fifth Element For Ciai" that brought at the first exhibition also he took the C.A.C.I.B. In this way the story of this important breeding is continuing.



We report some e-mail and relative photos, which comfort us in our efforts in raising this peculiar race.
The words written in these e-mail are more important for us than any other result
referring to the beauty of our subjects:

Hello Angela,
I send you the pictures of our Chow Chow Ching Martin.
We appreciate the magnificent exemplar that you allowed us to have, now he has almost 6 months.
He is fantastic in his affection because every day he gives us so much love and joy.
He has become the mascot of our workers and al our suppliers wanted to know him.
We will never stop thanking you for how you have grown well this puppy.

Thank you.

Tartabini Myriam and Smerilli Silvano - February 2, 2013

Photos of Ching Martino Ciai


We are a happy couple that has taken a dog from you, he is our joy.

Thanks so much for everything and especially for him.

We will send you a photo so that also you can see how beautiful our dog is.

Many greetings
Angy and Nik

Photos of Ciro Ice Ciai


ood afternoon,
we are the Capitanio family of Bergamo, owners of Chebi Ciai, the Chow Chow taken at your breeding about five years ago. I do not know if you will still remember us! We often remember you above all because you have given us the joy of welcoming in our family this sweet puppy that with all her affection gives us so much happiness.
We send you some of her pictures.
See you soon.
                                            Family Capitanio


This is one of the photos sent to us by the family Capitanio of Chebi Ciai:



This is our great Camilla!

                                                            Thank you for everything!!!

Photos of Camilla Ciai by the family Robba



Our Chow-Chows
have a story all theirs,
let's discover it together
and ... it doesn't end up here !

"A richly diverse heritage
coupled with delightful legends
increase the mystery as to the origins
of the Chow Chow - the dog who drank the blue.
He is a friend of the kids,
has a wonderful character,
but has to grow in a family
where harmony reigns."

To know this
special primitive breed,
read an article written
by Marcello Ciai,
published in the January 2000
issue of the E.N.C.I.  (The Italian Kennel Club)

" I Nostri Cani"  (Our Dogs).

  Here is the article on the story of the ChowChow  


Come and see
our breeding-farm
that you'll find in a
wonderful place, in the
midst of a savage nature
and so let's get to know this special primitive breed.




Our Chows for children

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